Back Seat Driver


Are you a Backseat Driver?

Are you a backseat driver or do you dread going places with your spouse or loved one because you know they will comment on your driving every mile of the way?¬† 7 out of 10 drivers say there is nothing more annoying than a backseat driver and the worst culprits are partners closely followed by […]

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Car Servicing and Maintenance


Guide to servicing and maintaining your car

Sainsburys Bank, Money Matters team have kindly put together this guest blog on our website with some basic tips to servicing and maintaining your car. You can keep your car healthy and help prevent the risk of a breakdown with some simple maintenance. Knowing the basics of looking after your car can help save money […]

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Air Conditioning Tips


Summer Tips – Getting the Most from your Air Conditioning

There’s nothing worse than getting back to your car on a hot day and getting into a furnace on wheels. ¬†With the heatwave going on in the UK at the moment we thought you might like to hear our tips on ensuring you get the most out of your car’s air conditioning. Don’t pre-cool – […]

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