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Grey Fleet – Are your employees using their private vehicles for business use?

There are a number of challenges for businesses with grey fleet and it’s probably never been as important for your business to understand and manage it’s grey fleet.  There are business implications from safeguarding staff and business liability, to cost cutting and maintaining environmental credentials.  Many companies do not have any idea what vehicles their […]

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Car Depreciation


Car Depreciation and the Maths Behind Leasing

Car depreciation is a certainty when you purchase a brand new vehicle.  From the moment you drive it off the forecourt the value of your car will have dropped. With car depreciation being the largest expense when owning a new car, we thought we’d have a look at how this compares financially to leasing your […]

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Travelling within London


Travelling in London – Important Information

If you are travelling within London take a look at this fact sheet for guidance about the new Toxicity Charge and plans for an Ultra Low Emission Zone in London.  The changes could have a significant impact on your fleet costs.

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Fleet Industry 2018


Changes affecting the Fleet Industry in 2018

There are a few changes affecting the fleet industry, so we thought we’d pull together a few of the factors that could impact your business fleet in 2018.

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