Motoring Myths


Motoring Myths

There’s lots of rules of the road but there’s also lots of motoring myths!  Here’s just a few of them, see if you know which are fact and which are fiction Are you allowed to drive 10% over the speed limit? This is untrue!  If you are caught speeding at even at just 1mph over […]

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Back Seat Driver


Are you a Backseat Driver?

Are you a backseat driver or do you dread going places with your spouse or loved one because you know they will comment on your driving every mile of the way?  7 out of 10 drivers say there is nothing more annoying than a backseat driver and the worst culprits are partners closely followed by […]

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Air Conditioning Tips


Summer Tips – Getting the Most from your Air Conditioning

There’s nothing worse than getting back to your car on a hot day and getting into a furnace on wheels.  With the heatwave going on in the UK at the moment we thought you might like to hear our tips on ensuring you get the most out of your car’s air conditioning. Don’t pre-cool – […]

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Smart Motorways


What you need to know about Smart Motorways

Smart Motorways have been gradually introduced in England as part of Highways England’s business plan to tackle congestion. 

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Car Depreciation


Car Depreciation and the Maths Behind Leasing

Car depreciation is a certainty when you purchase a brand new vehicle.  From the moment you drive it off the forecourt the value of your car will have dropped. With car depreciation being the largest expense when owning a new car, we thought we’d have a look at how this compares financially to leasing your […]

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Vehicle Leasing Fair WEar & Tear Policy


Vehicle Leasing understanding Fair Wear and Tear Policy

When vehicle leasing for a period of a few years it’s a certainty that your vehicle will not be in exactly the same condition as when it rolled off the production line.  It is inevitable that there will be some wear and tear.

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Travelling within London


Travelling in London – Important Information

If you are travelling within London take a look at this fact sheet for guidance about the new Toxicity Charge and plans for an Ultra Low Emission Zone in London.  The changes could have a significant impact on your fleet costs.

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Family Car


6 Tips for Choosing Your Next Family Car

A family car is different to every other type of car because of its multi-purpose function – taxi, dining area, baby changing, place to doze off and often travelling to work and a mobile office – Sound familiar? Here are our top tips for you to consider when choosing your next family car.

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