What Are Our Terms & Conditions (Dec 2020)

About Us

Prospectus Vehicle Solutions Limited (Company Registration Number 5872219) is an independent credit broker and are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.  We provide motor vehicle finance brokerage services via third party finance providers on business and personal contract hire agreements.  We do not fund any credit contracts ourselves.  We have a commercial relationship with a carefully selected panel of lenders and we may receive a commission from the selected lender.  We do not charge you a fee for our credit broking services and we do not charge a vehicle sourcing fee.



1.1. The Company:   Prospectus Vehicle Solutions, Unit A, Prospect Road, Burntwood, Staffordshire, WS7 0AE.  We act as an agent for the Customer to seek, negotiate and arrange for the supply and/or finance of a Vehicle on the Customer’s behalf.

1.2. The Customer:   The limited company, partnership or individual appearing in the “Supply To” box on the vehicle order form.

1.3. The Vehicle:   The vehicle described on the Vehicle Order Form.

1.4. Vehicle Order Form:   This document being the contract between the parties.

These terms and conditions compromise the entirety of the terms and conditions of the contract between the parties.


2.Terms & Conditions of Business?

2.1. The prices shown on the Company’s website are strictly for information purposes only and do not constitute any offer by the Company which is capable of acceptance by the Customer.

2.2. The prices quoted on the “Company” website include VAT if personal leasing and exclude VAT if business leasing, unless otherwise stated.  VAT is applicable at the current rate and should this change before delivery then the new rate will apply.

2.3. The Company reserves the right to change the price, either before or after a Vehicle offer is made.  The Company will inform the Customer of any changes and the Customer has the right to cancel their order if the changes are not acceptable.

2.4. The Company reserves the right to withdraw offers at anytime and without notice.  Due to the way the market is constantly changing, offers may also change or become unavailable without warning, but may still be published on our website

2.5. In Stock Cars refers to cars available in the UK for delivery within 2-4 weeks. The vehicles may be physical at the dealership, within the dealer group or at the local UK port awaiting transportation to the dealership.

2.6. Prices on the Company website include delivery to the Customer’s chosen UK destination, Vehicle registration charge and number plate.  Please note that the monthly rental/lease price includes the cost of driving the Vehicle to the Customer’s specified address, provided the Customer’s address is situated on the UK mainland.  Certain delivery locations may incur an additional delivery charge.

2.7. All vehicles are supplied with the Road Fund Licence for the full term (if applicable).  Finance Lease (fully amortised) or Finance Lease (with Balloon), or any Operating Leases only attract the Road Fund Licence (RFL) for the first year only.  The Customer will be responsible for the RFL for any subsequent years.

2.8. The Company’s employees or agents are not allowed to make any representations concerning the Vehicle unless confirmed expressly by the Company in writing.  In entering into the Vehicle Order the Customer acknowledges that they do not rely on and waives any claim, for breach of any such express or implied representations or warranties which are not so confirmed.  All warranties conditions or other terms implied by statute or common law as to the quality of goods or their fitness for purpose are hereby excluded to the full extent permitted by law.

2.9. The Vehicle specifications found on the Company website have been supplied by the Vehicle Manufacturers to CAP and have then been formatted by the Company for their use and information purposes only.  While the Company has made every effort to ensure the data is accurate, the information on the Company website should only be used as a guide and under no circumstances should a purchasing decision be made without verification of the data from the Manufacturer.  All images on the Company website are for illustration purposes only.

2.10. Upon receipt of the relevant Vehicle Order Form signed by you and after finance acceptance has been confirmed, the Vehicle will be ordered with the Dealer.

2.11. Once the Company has received receipt of the correct financial documentation and any balance of monies, the Company will arrange delivery of the chosen Vehicle to the Customer.  Local registration of Vehicles is not possible and all delivery dates stated are subject to change by the Manufacturer.

2.12. The Company will use its best endeavours to deliver the Vehicle by the agreed date and time.  Any estimated date quoted for delivery of the Vehicle is approximate only and the Company shall not be liable for any loss directly or indirectly suffered by the Customer arising from any delay in delivery of the Vehicle howsoever caused.  Information on delivery timescales are estimates only and do not constitute an obligation to supply.  Delivery dates are subject to change by the manufacturer, and any delivery date agreed with Prospectus Vehicle Solutions is only provisional until the supplying dealership confirms the date in writing to Prospectus Vehicle Solutions.  Sometimes a Vehicle maybe delayed due to a number of reasons.  Prospectus Vehicle Solutions Ltd does not accept any responsibility for a delayed Vehicle and will not compensate nor provide a courtesy vehicle.

2.13. Your Vehicle will be delivered in a ‘driven condition’ to your specified address, provided your address is situated on the UK mainland.  If you require Vehicle Transported Delivery (the vehicle is delivered on a trailer/transporter) this can be arranged but an additional charge will be made

2.14. The Customer’s acceptance of delivery of the Vehicle shall be conclusive proof that the Customer has inspected and approved the Vehicle and found it to be complete and in good order and condition and in every way satisfactory to the Customer.

2.15. The Customer is responsible for contacting us at the end of the contract to arrange collection of the Vehicle. Where possible we will assist in arranging this providing notice has been given of at least 10 working days and the following details have been provided :  preferred collection date | collection address | contact name | contact number


3. Cancellation?

3.1. Any cancellation instruction issued by the Customer must be received by the Company in writing prior to delivery.

3.2. A Customer can cancel for any reasonably agreed reason prior to delivery.

3.3. A cancellation fee maybe chargeable, this fee will be clearly shown on any order form that you sign before we place the order.  This fee can range from £750 + VAT up to the value of any options which exceed this amount.   The fee will only be levied should the lender or manufacturer charge the cancellation fee, and must be paid within 14 days of an invoice being sent to you.


4. Copyright?

4.1. You may print, copy, download or extract data from Prospectus Vehicle Solutions website for personal use only but must not alter anything.  Any other use is prohibited without prior written permission from a Director of Prospectus Vehicle Solutions.  You are not allowed to use any information on Prospectus Vehicle Solutions website on any other website or link any other website to this website, without prior permission.


5. Governing Law?

5.1. Our website and these conditions are governed by English Law.  Any disputes arising from this website shall be resolved by the English courts unless you can show you accessed our website from Scotland, in which case the Scottish courts may be used.

5.2. Prospectus Vehicle Solutions is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


6. Trademarks?

6.1. Certain trademarks and other materials used on our website are the copyright of Prospectus Vehicle Solutions Limited.  All rights reserved.


7. Statutory Rights?

7.1. Nothing in these conditions shall affect your statutory rights.

7.2. Prospectus Vehicle Solutions Ltd is committed to providing a high standard of service to all our customers.  However, there may be occasions where something goes wrong which leaves you disappointed or dissatisfied with your experience. Should you have any complaint about our service, please inform us at Prospectus Vehicle Solutions Ltd by email to info@prospectusvehiclesolutions.co.uk.  We are committed to acknowledging your complaint within 48 hours of receipt and we will endeavour to resolve them in a fair and effective manner.  We will provide you with a timescale for resolution of the complaint and keep you updated with the progress made.


8. Brexit – January 2021?

8.1. Should there be a no deal outcome as of the 1st of Jan 2021 how will this affect my order for my new vehicle?

8.1.a.   Any existing or new sold orders for vehicles that are physically in the UK on or before 31st December 2020 will be price protected in line with our usual parameters.

8.1.b.  Any existing or new orders for vehicles that are not physically in the UK on or before 31st December 2020 may be subject to price increases in the event of tariffs being applied.  The exact details of these price increases will not be available until the result of negotiations with the EU is known.  It is being suggested that in the case of a ‘No Deal’ hard Brexit scenario, a 10% tariff will be collected by the UK Government on vehicles imported into the UK, and as such this will have an adverse impact on new vehicle list prices which in turn will lead to higher monthly payments/rentals.  In this scenario, Prospectus Vehicle Solutions will give our Customers the option to continue with their order at the higher price, or cancel their order at no cost.

8.2.  Of equal consideration – depending on the specific ‘Rules of Origin’ clauses included within any Free Trade Agreement, the majority of Battery Electric and Plug-In Hybrid vehicles that we offer may also be subject to the 10% tariff under a ‘Soft Brexit’ scenario – due to the batteries which are sourced from Asia.  Again in this scenario, Prospectus Vehicle Solutions will give our Customers the option to continue with their order at the higher price, or cancel their order at no cost.


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