Smaller Vans leading to overloading risks

Overloading vans.

Did you know that one in every four vans examined in roadside tests by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), are over their maximum payload capacity.

Not only does the driver face a Heavy Fine, (or in certain circumstances a prison sentence) the owner of the vehicle may be prosecuted for allowing the offence to be committed.

An over loaded van is a serious safety risk for the driver and other road users. Steering can be affected and braking distances are greatly increased.

The DVSA are increasing the number of overloaded vans being stopped and checked, and if found to be overloaded, the vehicle will be prohibited from being driven, and may even be impounded.

An overloaded van is illegal and can invalidate your insurance, this could lead to the loss of your driver’s licence and in any accident, a very costly bill or even the possibility of prosecutions for Dangerous Driving, Health and Safety offences and Corporate Manslaughter.

How to avoid overloading your Vans

Know your van’s weight capacity.  If in doubt, refer to the vehicle identification plate this will show the maximum allowable axle weight and GVW.

Remember tools and tool boxes also contribute to the payload.

Be aware of the limits, don’t risk losing your licence or your livelihood, having an accident or a prison sentence.

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